Black Box teater

1. juni 2023

Past showings

19:00, Foyer

This time in a new suit. ++ will be an informal viewing platform for smaller productions, performance excerpts or productions that are in process. The theatre's foyer will be the meeting point for these evenings, which are intended to be as much a social meeting place as an informal arena for small-scale performing arts.

From spring 2023, we will present ++ four times a year. The program for each event will be put together by one of Black Box teaters's employees. First up is theater director Jørgen Knudsen, who has selected these three projects:

Otto and Uma Ramstad Circling the line
This collaboration is a continuation of Otto Ramstad's research from Lineage, which was presented at OITF in 2020. With artistic genealogy as a backdrop, he and his daughter Uma will move from looking at the past in the present to from the present looking towards the future.

Caroline Blomqvist, Nadja Bounenni, Hôy ​​la and Erika Jonasson Where Even Flowers Can Grow (process viewing)
A sensory experience that thematically revolves around some forms of popular psychology. Premiere is at Aveny-T, Denmark on February 20, 2024.

Janne Eraker with Kristoffer Lislegaard / Øy Otherwordly, groovy music where tap dance triggers electronics
Øy is a duo consisting of tap dancer Janne Eraker and musician Kristoffer Lislegaard. The sound from Eraker's tap dancing is sent into the electronics and used to modulate various parameters. The result is a two-way communication where dancer and musician react to what the other contributes.

++ has free entry and you don´t need to register in advance.