Jeg & Joe

11.–14. november 2010

«Jeg & Joe» («Me & Joe») is a performance that commemorates a performance: the talent show at high school where everything went wrong. This is to commemorate Joe, my teacher. The Hero.

Rasmus Jørgensen presents a painful and plain story that quickly turns complex. The past is staged, but what did really happen between Rasmus and Joe? The simple text is twisted into new interpretations through performative devices, music and choreography.

Rasmus Jørgensen works in the intersection between musical theatre and performance art, with a very physical style of narration that fluctuates between speech and song.

In «Me & Joe» he utilizes the contrasts between trashy pop-culture and pure minimalism, wild humor and the totally tender. An underlying question in both action and expression is: what does it take to create a drama? Is the truth enough or does it not quite cut it?

Jørgensen (born 1976) has studied composition as well as song, performance and theatre at UiO, Griegakademiet and the Mills College in Oakland. He has previously starred in «Mannen som tok feil» (2009) and «Pappa Pust» (2008), both co-produced by Black Box Teater.

On stage: Rasmus Jørgensen. Direction: Rasmus Jørgensen, Joanna Magierecka & a smith. Dramaturg: Julie Rongved Amundsen. Music & script: Rasmus Jørgensen. Lighting: Tilo Hahn. Co-production: Black Box Teater. Supported by Norsk kulturråd & Atelier Nord

  • Duration 50 minutter