Høst 2019

23. august–30. november 2019

Welcome to the Fall Season 2019 at Black Box teater

“language, let no one forget,
though the fruit of dark origins,
becomes one with what shall be but is not yet.
And being this open mystery, this
infinite wealth, it now shatters
every limit reached, every legitimate form.”
— Pier Paolo Pasolini, fra «The Stylistic Reaction» (1960)

Terra Incognita

Recent months have been marked by an increasing awareness regarding the ongoing tragedy of the refugee crisis, alongside growing expressions of racism and the deepening impact of climate change. In such a context, is it still possible to believe in the meaning of art? I answer yes, a thousand times yes. Though art will not save the world, it transfigures lives. It carries a power of transformation and plays a role as a change agent on many different scales. We have witnessed not long ago how the piece Ways of Seeing, by Pia Maria Roll, Hanan Benammar and Sara Baban, has addressed racism, while acting as a catalyst to challenge dangerous power structures.

Through different expressions, with a great freedom in language and form, the artists of the Fall program explore the potential of art to imagine new futures, to think about telling stories that have never been shared, or ever told in this way. The program carries places that escape the confines of language and convey the undefined. Just before the summer, I went to a try-out of Lisa Lie’s new project Vake, part of our Fall program and described as “being many different things”. During this night-long participatory journey, the state I experienced has remained engraved upon me: its playfulness, a togetherness, a deep sense of freedom, the excitement of uncertainty. Something that made me feel deeply alive, as if boundaries were collapsing. I hope that some of the performances or experiences will meet you this Fall, an encounter with something that may become your inner companion or transform perspectives.

The works we are presenting take a look at critical subjects: conflicts, existential feelings, margins and what is outside the norm, change and possible futures. While exploring unknown territories, they bring together. The artists link history and the present, classic and contemporary writing, the real, the spiritual and the strangeness, the personal and collective contexts. Initiated by LATERNA, a garden is happening in the foyer of the theater, that offers a potential relationship between our place, people and plants. Our series of talks, seminars and events offers multiple entry points in the program.

The season is an invitation to enjoy the energy of thinking and experiencing collectively. We would like to invite you into a space where we, together, can suggest more layers of meaning and understanding. Hope you will take the chance to enter. There is an exciting season to come – welcome!

Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland

23.–24. august / 30–.31. august / 20–21. september: Nordenfjeldske horlaug/ Lisa Lie: Vake (Premiere)
30.–31. august: Trajal Harrell: Dancer of the Year
1. september: Åpent hus
4.–8. september: Karen Nikgol: GHETTO JUSTICE (Premiere)
12., 14., 15. September: Mette Edvardsen Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine*
13.–14. september: Mette Edvardsen & Matteo Fargion: Penelope Sleeps**
13. september: Mette Edvardsen & Matteo Fargion: Notes on Blue***
20.–21. september: Jenny Hval: The Practice of Love** (Premiere)
25.–26. september: Winter Family: H2 – Hebron
1.–13. oktober: Verk Produksjoner: The Big Dream (Premiere) & Stalker (2013)
8.–10. oktober: Gisèle Vienne: JERK
19.–22. oktober: Henriette Pedersen / Nartmanstiftelsen: PEER / BITCH ****(Premiere)
23.–25. oktober: Runa Borch Skolseg/Marie Nikazm Bakken/Fredrik Floen: Det Siste Epos
25.–27.oktober: Sonya Lindfors: We should all be dreaming*****
29. oktober: Pluss Pluss: Kuratert av Ingvild Langgård
2.–3. november: Sagliocco Ensemble: Voff ! Art******
6.–9. november: Kristinsdottir/Willyson: Lille Leiolf (Premiere)
15. november: Waiting for the Sun
27.–30. november: Berstad / Helgebostad / Wigdel / Lie: Nikulpmyrene (Premiere)

* I samarbeid med Oslobiennalen, Deichmanske Bibliotek Grünerløkka
** In collaboration with Ultimafestivalen
*** Oslo Kulturnatt
**** In collaboration with CODA Oslo International Dance Festival
***** In collaboration with CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and Oslo arkitekturtriennale.
****** For kids and adults

Photo: Simen Dieserud Thornquist. Berstad / Helgebostad / Wigdel / Lie: Nikulpmyrene