Hospitality 3

11. september 2011

«Hospitality 3» invites the spectator to reflect on what it means for individuals to work together.

As the audience enters they are asked to write down their answers to a series of provocative questions. Then the performers play records, tells stories, play music, placing themselves in an awkward relationship to the instruments and each other, demonstrating the intricate balance that lies at the heart of any true collaboration.

Creation and performance: Caroline Dubois, Claudia Fancello and Jacob Wren. Sound: Radwan Gazhi Moumneh Lighting: Philippe Dupeyroux. Technical Direction: Mathieu Chartrand. Co-production: PME-ART, Usine C (Montréal) and FFT (Düsseldorf). Collaboration: Harbourfront Centre (Toronto)

CAC, CALQ, CAM, & Kunststiftung NRW (Allemagne).