26. februar–2. mars 2014

Ingri Fiksdal is a Norwegian choreographer and dancer. Her work includes productions such as «Night Tripper» and «The Orchard Ballads», created in collaboration with artists Ingvild Langgård and Signe Becker.

The productions have been touring to venues such as Brut-künstlerhaus, Kampnagel and Inkonst alongside several venues around Norway. Signe Becker is a scenographer and artist and was recently nominated for a Hedda award twice for «best scenography» for her work with the Norwegian company Verk Produksjoner. «Night Tripper» was awarded best performance of the year 2012 by the Norwegian magazine Natt&Dag.

Coreography: Ingri Midgard Fiksdal. Scenography: Signe Becker. Music: Camilla Barratt-Due Vatne. Light: Tilo Hahn. Utøvere: Ingeleiv Berstad, Kristin Helgebostad, Pernille Holden & Eivind Seljeseth. Producer: Tine Tyldum and Nicole Schuchardt. Co-produced by Kedja Wilderness Residency, Black Box Theatre, Oktoberdans/BIT Teatergarasjen, MDT Stockholm, New Theatre Institute of Latvia and The Oslo National Academy of the Arts/The Norwegian Artistic Research Program. Supported by The Norwegian Arts Council, Fond for lyd og bilde and Det norske komponistfond. Thanks to Muscle Temple The Residency.