22.–23. september 2011

Set to music sung by renowned soprano Cecilia Bartoli, «HEAVENS WHAT HAVE I DONE» unfolds from a rambling monologue addressing the artists’ ascension to success, the hypocrisies of an unstable world, artistic critiques, and dreams and desires of a more personal nature.

Miguel Gutierrez is a dance and music artist based in Brooklyn. He creates his work with the group Powerful People and also make his own solos.

“The performance was chaotic, mesmerizing, uncomfortable and mysteriously beautiful”. - The Miami Herald

”I enjoyed the performance immensely – it was chaotic and noisy and messy and somewhat inscrutable, but it was also beautiful and disorienting and suggestive”

- Culturebot

Created and Performed by Miguel Gutierrez. Lights by Lenore Doxsee. Costume by Machine Dazzle. Set by Miguel Gutierrez and Jason Simms. Music by Vivaldi and others. Management by Ben Pryor / tbspMGMT. Supported by Foundation for Contemporary Arts.