Lost and Found Productions (NO)
Different Kinds of Stars

9. mars 2017

Past showings

21:00, Foyer

Searching through dirty swimwear in the Lost and Found.

A theater piece at its loudest. A time capsule of the NOW NOW. A dance with a stranger. A birthday song for the newest born. A lullaby for the POST POST. We rewrite the future in menstrual blood – a fortune cookie maybe?

star dust, rock star, superstar
star wars, porn star, fallen star
star struck, star trek, david star
star fish, star signs, northern star
all star, sing star, shooting star
star light, star tour, christmas star
ringo starr, star map, shining star
star-spangled banner
starring me and my best friends
wannabe star, communist star
SUPERNOVA (an exploding star that
produces an extremely bright light)

The performance is followed by the festival opening party. Join!

  • Extra credits Special thanks to Prof. Karmenlara Ely, Dr. Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk, Dr. Øystein Elle, David Bowie, Pussy Riot, Nick Cave, Turboneger, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and lazy lovers
  • Duration 50 minutter