Ingri Fiksdal
Deep Field på Riksteatret under Heddadagene

13.–14. juni 2019

Past showings

20:00, Riksteatret

17:00, Riksteatret

Deep Field centers around running and its a ective qualities, for both performers and the audience.

Amongst runners, the much sought-after “Runners’ high” denotes the a ective state of euphoria where endorphins are released into the body, acting in a similar way to their medically engineered counterpart, morphine. They serve as a painkiller, and have through evolution helped human survival through providing extra stamina, for instance when hunting animals. Endorphins are produced in the pre-frontal and limbic regions of the brain, which also light up in response to emotions, like love.

In Deep Field Fiksdal investigates how to produce this love-like euphoria amongst the running performers, and to what degree it can be contagious for the audience. The work is based on ideas of kinesthetic transference; that one body can experience the movement of another empathically through watching, feeling and hearing its presence in space. The music is composed by Jenny Hval and Lasse Marhaug.