Balkis Moutashar
De Tête en Cape

19.–20. november 2022

Past showings

14:00, Lille scene

14:00, Lille scene

Balkis Moutashar takes a young audience into the fantasy world of childhood where it is all about dressing up! In a white room, two dancers have fun transforming into characters we recognize, but which may seem a little strange and not quite the way you usually see them.

In an enchanting and changing duet, the two dancers play with transformation, while adorning themselves with beautiful things fairy tale characters wear. Knights, strange birds, princesses, superheroes and even a catfish appear on the stage. Archetypal characters from lavish and wonderful stories that have filled our imagination for centuries. But this time they slide a little into each other and create new characters. Sometimes you see a princess with a frog's head, other timesa superhero with bear paws.

The distinction between animal, human, male, female, real or fantasy is not entirely clear, and the characters you meet evolve and change form, becoming hybrid characters that turn away from a particular version of themselves. Everything is possible!

Dancer and choreographer Balkis Moutashar is educated in both philosophy and contemporary dance. In 2009, she established Company Balkis Moutashar, which is now visiting Black Box teater for the first time.

For kids (6+) and their adults