Alice Ripoll

6.–7. mai 2022

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

In Portuguese, the word “cria” has two literal meanings. It is a noun, meaning young being, animal or human – but it is also a verb; to create. In Brazil, the term is commonly used to express in which slum someone was born: "I am cria from Complexo".

“In this catchy mix of samba, break dance, funk and vogueing, the bodies seem to be completely separate.”

The performance CRIA is a steamy ode to passion. It is inspired by danchina – a combination of pop, funk and break dance – and the passinho. These two dance styles come from the favela in Rio de Janeiro. Dance parties in the favelas have been banned under President Bolsonaro, but that does not stop people from keeping the dance going. With ten dancers and enough energy to lift the roof, Alice Ripoll brings the favela to the stage. CRIA mixes affection and sensuality, funk and contemporary dance in this energy boost of a performance.

Alice Ripoll was born in Rio de Janeiro. At the age of 21, she was studying to be a psychoanalyst, and took a deviant path to start studying dance. The political and social issues of her home country are often reflected in her work. CRIA is no exception.

7. May, Foajé
Aftertalk with Alice Ripoll and Grace Tabea Tenga.
The conversation will take place in English

Passionate direction