Geumhyung Jeong (KW)
CPR Practice

26.–27. mars 2015

Past showings

19:00, Scene 3

20:00, Scene 3

Geumhyung Jeong is a choreographer, dancer and interdisciplinary artist based in Korea.

In her works, she incessantly renegotiates the relationship between the human body and its surrounding objects. The artist uses everyday items, bestowing them with a strange and disturbing life through intensive and risky interactions with her own body. She utilizes her knowledge of dance and choreography to create a unique and thrilling performance. Puppetry, dance, as well as the awareness of the technical aspects of theatre, combine to become one piece – a spellbinding choreography of the body and mind. Geumhyung Jeong studied theater at the Hoseo University in Korea, dance at the Korean National University of Arts, and film animation at the Korean Academy of Film Arts.