10.–12. september 2010

Most of you know Cinderella from fairy tales or Disney movies. Cinderella deals with a lot of strife searching for her destiny with Prince Charming. She is confronted with judgment by her stepmother and stepsisters who each behold great jealousy of her. She overcomes her obstacles with the help of a fairy godmother and a little bit of hope.

Sherry is Southern and will really take charge of what it could mean to be Cinderella. Sherry is in her mid-40s and it’s nice to imagine her playing a young woman in the midst of a young love. Sherry will assist Cinderella and vice versa. Sherry is intrigued with the inner women in all of us, convinced we are all mighty powerful people. However, women tend to want to appear more like Cinderella rather than like Sherry. Sherry is too bold, too assertive, too much of a wild cat. So Sherry and Cinderella will tackle decisions together as one person, despite their differences. In some ways they are simply just one person driven in two directions, assisting each other through the trials and tribulations of life.

Ann Liv Young has presented work in a diverse range of contexts across Europe including the Apartments project with Brut Wien (2009) and the Donau Festival, Krems (2008, 2009). She has also presented work with Chicks on Speed in Hamburg (2009)and most recently in Malmo, Sweden (2010). Young's controversial work continues to stimulate a wide range of press and publicity as in the Sherry vs. Kanye event as part of PS122 (2009) which included press coverage by the New York Times and MTV. Most recently Young's performance at PS1, Sherry vs. PS1 (2010) has been subject to world wide debate. Young's new work, Cinderella, will be premiered in Jersey City in late August early September then will go on a European tour in the fall.

Made by Ann Liv Young. Costumes, text, sound design: Ann Liv Young. Co-production: Ann Liv Young, Brut Wien

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