Solberg/​Cederqvist - A Kiss Me Production (NO/​SE)
Blessed with cancer - a product of my choice, not a victim of my circumstances

12.–13. september 2014

Past showings

19:00, Lille scene

19:00, Lille scene

«Blessed with cancer» is a performance, a spiritual journey, into the human soul, and a statement from the depth of the European inner human landscapes.

The performance questions the freedom of speech and the power of language. What is the difference between a comment with no particular importance and a racist statement? The performers play with the words, the physicality, the figurative language and the associations they create. In that way the performance is also a play about absolute stance and stances, and invites you to all the time shift your angle of judgment. Erika Cederqvist and Julie Solberg met each other at the Mime-school, Amsterdam in 2008. Together they form A kiss me production. They create outspoken, black humorous experiences.