Kim Hiorthøy & Lisa Östberg (NO/​SE)
Black Warrior

8.–9. desember 2015

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

What is a performance? Is it action? Is it sex? Is it a pencil made by the Sanfor Corporation in America?

With Black Warrior, Lisa Östberg and Kim Hiorthøy takes you through everything you need to know. Props, ideas, location, subtext, even expectations. Nothing is spared, everything is laid bare. With easy-to-understand illustrations, fun songs and penetrating logic, Black Warrior will change the way you think and feel. Forever. There is also a spanish course.

Lisa Östberg makes projects for both stage and screen. She was educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and has worked with contemporary dance, musicals, theatre as well as with film and television. Östberg wrote the screenplay for the award-winning film Certain people and is currently developing a television-series for SwedishBroadcasting (SVT). Her solo-work “Who Can Tell The Dancer from The Dance” will tour Sweden in the fall. Kim Hiorthøy is a graphic designer, artist and musician

from Norway. He was educated at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, and School of Visual Arts in New York. During 2010–2011 he took a master’s degree in choreography at the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. Hiorthøy has written a lot of music for dance as well as released several records of his own music on the label Smalltown Supersound. He has also worked as a cinematographer. Together, Lisa Östberg and Kim Hiorthøy has created the pieces YOU and Black Warrior, performed at MDT in Stockholm and on tour in Sweden, Norway and Europe.

  • Extra credits Supported by Swedish Arts Council, Stockholms City, Fond for Lyd og Bilde and Arts Council Norway