Miet Warlop
Big Bears Cry Too

9.–10. februar 2019

Past showings

15:00, Store scene

15:00, Store scene

Young people have always been sensitive to a world of controlled extravagance and outbursts.

Big Bears Cry Too is a performance that deals with the vulnerability experienced by people living in a large and incomprehensible universe. In this show for all ages, a series of objects literally fly onto the stage, each with something to say about the role of individuality in the world. There is a large, (a too large), plastic heart that can only be restricted by releasing a small amount of air out. Then there is a massive tablet that is supposed to make you happier, but the actual result is that you no longer recognise yourself. And then there is a bear that falls victim to its own excessive cuteness. We end up in a universe of coloured rain and never-ending symbols. This piece marks a fresh milestone in Miet Warlop’s quest to “make the invisible visible”.

*For kids and adults