nora chipaumire

12. mars 2020

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

The performance is unfortunately cancelled due to the circumstances regarding the situation of the coronavirus. More information here. – “Nora Chipaumire, a Rock Star of Dance” – The New Yorker

“In a performance that feels distinctly punk, the Zimbabwean-born choreographer channels three musical heroes: Patti Smith, Grace Jones, and Rit Nzele.” – The New Yorker on #PUNK & 100% POP

#PUNK and 100% POP are the two first parts of choreographer and dancer nora chipaumire’s three part work #PUNK 100% POP*NIGGA. Each one channels a personal musical hero of chipaumire. At Black Box teater, she will take on punk-queen Patti Smith, and pop icon Grace Jones.

“Punk” is slang for a worthless person and became the name of a loud, fast moving type of rock music that was popular in the 1970s and -80s. The punk cultural aesthetic includes a diverse array of ideologies such as self-reliance, non-commercial art-making, non-complacency, destroying and repurposing. It was expressed through fashion, visual art, dance, cinema and literature. By staging a raw concert inspired by Punk icon Patti Smith, indie music, americana and her formative years in Zimbabwe, chipaumire deals with past, present and future through the punk rejection of status quo, ethics and ethos.

In 100% POP, chipaumire finds herself returning to the ways information and knowledge is or was acquired by those of us who grew up in less free times – in times of Drum magazine, african broadcast stations, colour bars, poverty, active connections to rural and township lifestyles.

A two-part live performance with intermission.