Ludvig Uhlbors
Arne Næss Gjenoppstandelsen

5.–6. juni 2019

Past showings

19:00, Lille scene

19:00, Lille scene

“Changes towards a more ecologically oriented life do not have to lead to feelings of loss and forsake, but instead it can awaken something deeply pleasing in us.” -Arne Næss

“What would Arne do?” the artists have asked themselves through the process of the performance Arne Næss Gjenoppstandelsen (Arne Næss Resurrection). The performance is the result of a collective cross-artistic process that has been digging into Arne Næss’s philosophy of deep ecology. This philosophy is an approach to nature where all life has value in itself, not just based on the usefulness it has for humans. Ludvig Uhlbors’ artistic team moved for a period up to Næss’s cabin Tvergastein at Hallingskarvet, which was the place where Arne Næss developed the ideas that was the basis of deep ecology. What is the boundary between body and soul, and does this even exist in humans and nature? In a theatrical playfulness with Næss’s thoughts as a entry point, oracle situations, spiritualism and animistic rituals are explored.

Postplay in the foyer: Metabolism
The metabolism is a general term for chemical processes in the body that convert air, water, food and other materials into substances that the body needs to function. Molecules are continuously broken down and new complex molecular structures are built up in plant bodies, animal bodies and human bodies. Through the processes of metabolism, we are linked as individuals to the local biology of a place.

In the postplay the audience is invited to a further investigation of deep-ecological issues, through a sensory experience with metabolism and metamorphosis as the turning point.

Contributors: Architect, permaculture designer, filmmaker Kristin Astrup Aas, artist Hanna Sjöstrand, visual artist, filmmaker Kjersti Vetterstad.

Eco(philo)sophic walk with Ludvig Uhlbors and company Tuesday 28th May in Ekebergparken
Whilst eco-philosophy can seem prescriptive and relatively remote, Arne Næss takes us a few steps further into the thinking he called deep ecology. His ecosophy regards humans and the rest of the natural world as equals, that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Based upon these principles, Ludvig Uhlbors and his company invite you to join them in an eco(philo)sophic walk in Ekebergparken. The hike starts which a brief introduction to the ecosystem’s concepts before venturing out into the park. Taking a number of symbolic stops, the hike up the hillside ends with a panoramic ecological view over Oslo.

Time: 18.00
Meeting point: entrance to the park by Oslo Hospital