Answering Answering-Machines

7.–10. november 2013

Talking Timber is a newly started theatre company consisting of Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass (NO), Piet Gitz-Johansen (DK) and Josephine Kylén Collins (SE).

With different backgrounds; Mikkel educated at the Department of Fine Art at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Josephine educated at The Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm and Piet working within the visual theatre and performance scene in Copenhagen, they founded the company after graduating from the Acting department at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad 2012. In Talking Timber they work with devised theatre methods, applying the knowledge from their different fields. They are interested in the meeting point between the physical expression and the space and are forming a language where comedy and tragedy go hand in hand.

  • Duration 1 minutter