all that is solid melts into air

4.–5. mars 2011

Theatre and performance maker a smith brings his new solo work to this years’ MARSTRAND festival. Using his trademark simple, conversational performance style, the work looks to contemplate our ever changing world and think a bit about the effects of the way we live today.

«all that is solid has melted into air» is a gentle meditation on existence, a quiet protest for the strange world we live in, a 50 minute break from what’s happening outside. It’s a plea for some humanity. A search for what we can do. You and me. Us. Together. Here and now.

Since 2001 Andy Smith has been making theatre and performance work as a smith, most recently creating the solo works «innvandrer» and «the next two days of everything». He is also the co-director of the award winning plays «England, An Oak Tree» and «The Author» by Tim Crouch.

“An engaging, thoughtful and somewhat surprising performance” – Irish Theatre Magazine on «the next two days of everything»

“In many ways, this is nothing like theatre as we usually understand it, and yet in crucial elements this is its very essence.” – The Financial Times on «ENGLAND»

«all that is solid melts into air» is a co-production between a smith, BIT Teatergarasjen and Black Box Teater. Supported by Norsk Kulturråd.