Aktiviteter, samtaler og mer

29.–30. august 2020

As tradition goes, we celebrate the start of the new season by opening the doors to anyone who wants to experience the house in an informal setting. This time, Open house is spread over a weekend with different activities!

NB! Limited capacity to all events!

Saturday 29 August, 17.00–18.00, Foyer
Asieh Amini in conversation with Lene Therese Teigen
This afternoon, we will get to know the poet and human rights advocate Asieh Amini better. In conversation with author and theater director Lene Therese Teigen, Asieh Amini will read poems and share from her life and artistic practice. Amini is also writing for this fall’s edition of our Black Box teater publication.
NB! No pre-registration required. Show up at the door. The doors will open at 16.45.

Saturday 29 August, 19.00–19.30, Foyer
Becker/Langgård: Skeleton Woman
Skeleton Woman is a site specific work, part choir piece, part scenic performance – and a live sculpture with ritual and mythical aspects.
NB! Flat price / Sold out! The doors will open at 16.45.

Saturday 29 August, 19.45–22.00, Foyer
Presentation of the Fall season / Lounge with DJ Soju Princess
Welcome to the presentation of a new season at Black Box teater. We are celebrating the fall with a DJ set with Soju Princess, lounge and chill atmosphere!
NB! No pre-registration required. Show up at the door. Limited capacity. The doors will open at 19.45.

Sunday 30 August, 13.00–13.45 & 15.00–15.45, Foyer
Søndagsyoga med Magnus Myhr (FULLBOOKET!) + Tea corner with kombucha and fresh (free!) pastries
Let’s start this Sunday with two gentle yoga sessions led by dancer and performance artist Magnus Myhr. Welcome to a different experience in our theater foyer!

In between the yoga sessions, we invite everyone for cup of tea with us in the Black Box teater team. We will offer kombucha, fresh pastries as well as our company, being around for a chat about the program and everything else!

NB! Requires booking in advance. Click here for more info and booking. The doors will open at 12.45.

Sunday 30 August, 16.30, Foyer
Launch of Black Box teater Publication 5
Vi er stolte over å lansere bok 5 i serien Black Box teater publikasjoner – og DU er invitert på lanseringsfest!

I Black Box teater publikasjoner blir temaer og kunstverk i vårt kunstneriske program belyst på forskjellige måter av mange ulike stemmer. Høstens utgave består til og med av to bøker i én!

Det blir opplesninger fra boka, bobler og snacks!
NB! No pre-registration required. Show up at the door. The doors will open at 16.00.