A place for Living with the other

12.–15. april 2012

This performance brings you to a continent where the white man represent the dream of a different life, a life of abundance and fredom. How easy is it to travel in a country where part of its people live in poverty? Will your identity as rich and white be put to the test in a country where you may be seen as the oppressor, the non-believer, the immoral? The white man wanders around Morrocco as an ATM, ready for withdrawal. He is in the land of dreams.

The first part of this project was shown at the Norwegian Opera in 2011. It was based on interviews with four Morroccan men talking about their dreams before and what their reality became after they came to Norway. The second part, ”A Place for Living with the Other”, undertakes the white traveller in Morrocco: the tourist and the voyeur.

The video and text by several authors and Ketil Skøien himself, combined with dance and installations, creates a magnitude of expressions across the stage, in a chaos of images representing a mirage of the meeting between the Morroccan city and everyday life.

Passage Nord Project / Kjetil Skøien has since 1985 directed performances within a visual performance theater tradition, where text, video, installation, sound and choreography often are equally represented. Skøien is a visual artist, dancer, actor and theater director, directing plays at the National Theater, The Norwegian Theater, Opera Nord in Copenhagen and Noh Theater in Kyoto. He has performed at Black Box since 1986, and have exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, while both the Preus Museum of Photography and the National Gallery have bought his work.

With: William S. Borroughs, Jean Genet, Allen Ginsberg, Kjetil Skøien, Jack Kerouac, Tahar Ben Jelloun. Dramaturg: Janus Kramhøft. Producer: TrAP and Passage Nord Project. Supported by Norsk Kulturråd.