A greeting from the Artistic Director

Let us be together again!

It is with joyfulness and anticipation we are welcoming you to this year’s Fall season at Black Box teater – so genuinely eager to meet you again. Since March 2020, we can count on one hand the months the theater was allowed to be open. The context is still uncertain today. More than ever, we have prepared this program with enthusiasm and care, in collaboration with the artists. This season places great emphasis on premieres, while presenting projects canceled during the previous months as well as inviting striking guest-performances. It is definitely a rich and exciting program we have ahead of us!

The Fall program is anchored in the particular context of the pandemic and the related health, economic and societal crisis – a crisis which has forced all of us to adapt, to transform, to be inventive and flexible. The pandemic has revealed fractures and strong inequalities, both nationally and globally. In this context, the question of “what theater can do” is meaningful. With our resources, we nurture the need for a diversity of voices and for maintaining conversations between the local, the national and the international.

Driven by hospitality, Black Box teater is a house open to the artists and the public. It is a meeting space. The artists keep on taking risks and breaking grounds; they shake perspectives and imagine peculiar experiences. Black Box teater is a place to experience the unknown, to feel emotions, to sense transformations, to step aside from the regular together with others. The need for being together and sharing collective spaces is more than ever accurate.

After months in front of small screens, let us enjoy the beauty and fragility of seeing performers live and of having conversations with each other. Let us leave aside preconceived ideas, and rather practice curiosity, listen with a genuine “I hear you!”, learn from each other and agree to disagree. We invite you to think critically and subjectively, and everyone can navigate as they please through the diversity of performances, activities and seminars our Fall program has to offer.

See you soon!

Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland, Artistic director