A greeting from the Artistic Director

Every moment matters!

2022 begins with a taste of "déjà-vu". Here it comes again; that well-known feeling of unpredictability, where our immediate future is communicated through press conferences.

Nevertheless, things are different now. Over the past twenty-two months, we, as a society and as a cultural sector, have learnt to adapt and to have good routines, so that everyone can feel as safe as possible in uncertain times. However with limited capacity, theaters are currently open, as are the borders – and it matters.It matters because every moment we share together counts. Let us remind ourselves of some basics that might have been forgotten along the way during the pandemic. We are a triangle: the theater / the artists & their collaborators / the audience. If one of these pillars is missing, the very foundation of performing arts is shaking. For the artists, it matters to be able to work with their collaborators, including international ones; and make their productions happen. It matters because it defines their living conditions. It matters to share their work with an audience, because this encounter in the here and now – being seen live – defines the core existence of performing arts.

Every waiting line in the foyer, every applause, every sparkling premiere matters, because it is ephemeral and in real-time. There is no chance for replay and pause – it takes place HERE and NOW!

Our doors are wide open. The artists are thrilled to see the audience again. With postponement after postponement, some artists invited this season have been waiting for almost two years to share their work with you. You can imagine their excitement. The theater is a living place, where ideas, people, expressions, artistic ambitions and visions meet. In the theater, we gather around the same conviction: that art matters. The importance of art is not to be taken at face value. It is so easy to make art and culture invisible because their economic weight seems lower – apparently. But what about all the workers and collaborators involved? What about the partners and economic spinoffs for other sectors? But first and foremost, what about all the values art carries: a space for togetherness, a space for risk and for transforming mindset? These values are much needed nowadays – perhaps more than ever.

This Spring, we invite you to discover new works – works by artists we have long-lasting collaborations with as well as newcomers, performed both here at Black Box and at other locations throughout the city. We invite you to join our conversations and workshops, where we will listen, investigate, discuss and rethink together. A broad range of performances and activities are taking place during our seasonal program and two festivals this Spring – our annual rendez-vous Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival in March, and brand new COSA festival, curated by the artist collective LATERNA, in June.

The coming season at Black Box teater cherishes togetherness, the voices of youth and transformations. Let us invent possible futures together.

See you very soon!