What will happen with Black Box teater in the future?

Our lease in Marstrandgata 8 expires in January 2024. What happens next with Black Box teater?

Fasaden i Marstrandgata
Photo: Anna Penkova

The most important thing is to ensure that we still have a building – so that artists from the free performing arts field have a good place to work, and that the audience still feel at home when visiting the theater.

As of today, we have two specific alternatives:

  1. to continue our business in a new building in Marstrandgata
  2. to move to Lokomotivverkstedet in Middelalderparken (The Medieval Park)

We will search for a third alternative as well – because the most important thing for us, is to ensure that the theater has a place to stay in the years to come.

In January 2021, the property developers Oslo House took over the house we currently are located in. Oslo House has developed and implemented several award-winning projects in recent years. This includes the area at Vulkan – with Dansens Hus, Bellonahuset and Mathallen – for which the municipality of Oslo was awarded Statens Bymiljøpris (the State award for urban environment).

Oslo House has now planned a new project in Marstrandgata 8-10: the current building will be demolished, and a new theater building will be built with four residential floors on top. Oslo House has a green and social profile, and it will be interesting to follow their plans for Marstrandgata.

Lokomotivverkstedet in Middelalderparken (the Medieval Park) is another, attractive alternative we are investigating. This old locomotive workshop in Bispegata 16 is owned by the municipality of Oslo, and the place is regulated for cultural purposes. Before Christmas, we sent a proposal to the Ministry of Culture on how Black Box teater can be integrated into Lokomotivverkstedet together with other cultural activities and organizations. This project has been developed in collaboration with Rom for Dans.

Illustration from bjorvikautvikling.no

We will include the free performing arts field in discussions about needs and expectations as soon as the project and the progress plans have taken more shape.

We are facing exciting years, and we hope to find a building that is as suitable for the theater as possible!