Your Brother, Remember? (filmvisning)

16. november 2013

An elaborate experiment with the concept of Before-and-After photographs, Your brother. Remember? splices and dices home videos, Hollywood film footage, and live performance.

As kids in rural America, Zachary and his older brother Gator loved making parodies of their favorite films, most notably Jean-Claude Van Damme’s karate opus Kickboxer, and the notorious cult film Faces of Death. Then twenty years passed. Estranged from his family, Zack returned to his childhood home to re-create these films, but now seen through a twenty- year lens of emotional and physical wear and tear. Initially begun as a film experiment, the project morphed into a multimedia piece with live theatrical aspects and toured extensively through Europe and New York. The live aspects have been recorded and incorporated into the film.

  • Duration 1 minutter