Åpent hus
Workshops /​ Filmvisning /​ Suppekjøkken

1. september 2019

Black Box theater marks the season-opening with an open house, offering several exciting activities for both adults and children.

Artist group LATERNA invites everyone to participate in seed bombs workshop – a small follow up to the project CoSA Garden that takes place in the theater foyer this fall. The evening continues with a vogue inspired dance workshop and film screening of the critically acclaimed documentary Paris is Burning (1990) – a link to Trajal Harrell’s many dance inspirations. Trajal Harrell opens this season with Dancer of the Year, and has visited Black Box Theater several times, including with (M) imosa / Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (M) combining the Vogue tradition of the queer clubs in Harlem and postmodern dance.

We are hosting a soup kitchen and will keep the house open after the film screening – whether you want to relax after the many impressions, meet over a hot soup bowl or have a chat with the Black Box team about the fall program.

Workshop: Seed bombs with LATERNA
Sunday, September 1st. 13.00-15.00
For everyone 6+. Attend in the foyer of Black Box teater.

Oslo is the environmental capital of 2019 and Black Box teater is celebrating with a green workshop for the whole family!
Artists and gardeners Fernanda Branco and Ingeborg S. Olerud from LATERNA will lead a workshop for children, teenagers and anyone else who wants to stick their fingers in the soil and act to create a greener city. Together we will make seed-bombs of clay, soil and seeds, and end the workshop with a walk in the local area. As a kind of guerrilla gardeners, we will throw the seed bombs in suitable places.

This workshop has its origins in LATERNA’s CoSA Garden // Pollinary Dances project, which is centered around ecology and the relationship between place, people and plants. This fall you will find the project in the theater foyer.

Danseverksted / Dance workshop
Sunday, September 1st. 15.30-17.00
For youth and adults 12+

Try some simple vogue moves with dancers Kristin Agnes Haugstad and Julia Brovold from Kiki House of Meraki. This dance form dates back to the 1960s, and developed in the Latin American and African American ballroom communities in Harlem. The workshop requires no dance skills, and is suitable for anyone from 12 years and up.

Kristin Agnes Haugstad dances New Way and is a producer at Soul Sessions Oslo. Julia Brovold dances Vogue Femme and competes in the Face category. Both dancers are members of KIki House of Meraki, and work as freelance dancers. Julia Brovold is also the first Scandinavian member of the international House of LaDurèe in Paris.

Filmkveld: Movie Night & Open Soup Kitchen
Sunday, September 1st. 18.00-20.00. For youth and adults 15+

Welcome to a screening of the film Paris is Burning (1990) directed by Jennie Livingston, one of the creators of the popular drama series Pose (2018-). This award-winning documentary provides a warm, honest and touching glimpse of the growing African-American, Latino, gay, and trans scene in New York in the ’80s.

We will keep the bar and soup kitchen open during and after the movie screening, and the Black Box-team will also be there to talk about the fall program.

A Beautiful Piece Of Work – Lively, Intelligent, Exploratory. – The New Yorker
An unblinking behind the scenes story of fashion obsessed New Yorkers who created “voguing” and drag balls, and turned these raucous celebrations into a powerful expression of personal pride. – Dream LLC
A politically astute, historically important document of our precarious times. – The Black Film Review