10.–12. november 2011

Undertone is a choreography that focuses on the potentials of sensory perception of the audience.

“Sidney Leoni and a dozen performers make Undertone a tumultuous, deeply fascinating and sensuous journey of discovery.” – Dagens Nyheter, Sverige

Undertone brings out our more primitive instincts, as a beautiful reminder that man needs more than eye and intellect for his survival.” – Svenska Dagbladets

Stemming from the interest to challenge spectatorship and destabilize the convention of watching performance, Undertone invites the audience in a complete dark space to participate in an orchestration of fictional spaces. Hereby, the performance prioritizes mechanisms of perception other than vision by proposing an immersive experience of different kinds of stimuli. In Undertone, the body of the audience members is considered in all its potentiality to sense and navigate within an environment composed of a large spectrum of sensory movements such as tastes, sounds, smells, temperature fluctuations, touches, and ephemeral scenographies.

Concept and Choreography Sidney Leoni (fr/se) developed together with Manon Santkin (be), Martin Lervik (no), Luis Miguel Felix (pt), Peter Lenaerts (be), Andros Zins-Browne (usa/be), Laurent David Garnier (fr), Marcus Doverud (se) and Guests. Performers: Guillem Mont de Palol (sp), Andrea Csaszni Rygh (no), Martin Lervik, Mattias Lech (se), Andros Zins- Browne, Ivar Furre Aam (no), Luis Miguel Felix, Benjamin Quigley (se), Christina Vantzou (usa/be), Manon Santkin, Ingrid Rusten (no), Mariana My Suikkanen Gomes (se), Sidney Leoni, Linnea Backgård. Sound designer Peter Lenaerts ; Technique Nick Symons (be) ; Odor design Laurent David Garnier Funded by Konstnamnden, the Swedish Arts Grant Committee and Fond for lyd og bilde (Norway) Co-produced by Weld (Stockholm). Supported by Jardin de Europe, Cullberg Ballet; 4Culture Association/Explore Dance Festival (Bucharest), Car Wash Theater (Antwerp): Tanzhaus nrw (Dusserdolf); Tanz Im August/Sommer.bar (Berlin); Danshögskolan, University College of Dance (Stockholm) and the Culture Programme of The European Union.

  • Duration 1 minutter