Jaha Koo

9.–10. september 2022

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

The Hamartia trilogy is the name of Jaha Koo's work about how Western ideology has affected South Korean society. In this third part, THE HISTORY OF KOREAN WESTERN THEATER, he deals with the Korean theater.

Celebrating the centenary of Korean theater in 2008, the South Korean theater maker and composer Jaha Koo realized that there is actually no space for Korean theater tradition. What is considered Korean theater is largely controlled by the Western canon. But why are South Koreans so proud of this Western interpretation? he asks. And why does everyone keep referring to Shakespeare? IN THE HISTORY OF KOREAN WESTERN THEATER, he weaves his own biography together with social analysis in a sharp and humorous way. Based on the loss of local traditions, Jaha Koo explains modern Confucianism – which still determines the moral system, way of living and social relations between the generations in South Korea – and looks to a new, more confident future.

Jaha Koo is a performing artist and composer. His artistic practice oscillates between multimedia and performance with his own music, video, lyrics and installations. His performances are composed of politics, history and his own personal stories. Koo visited Black Box teater during Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2018 with the performance Cuckoo.

+ September 9, Foyer, Aftertalk with Jaha Koo
Meet Jaha Koo in conversation with Siren Leirvåg right after the performance THE HISTORY OF KOREAN WESTERN THEATER.
The conversation takes place in English.

Three questions for Jaha Koo