The Broadcast Party/​Neither You Nor Me

1.–2. desember 2012

«Neither You Nor Me» is a cross-over platform, utilizing the theatre space as a venue for meetings between artists from different felds, initiated by a journey through the narratives of Sophocle’s Antigone, Eschenbach’s Parzival and Melville s Bartleby.

The frst material presents a number of dialectic positions – man/woman, king/citizen, law/religion – and the second is an invitation to follow the movement from singularity to subjectivity. The third story investigates the potential of doing nothing at all. Together they form a foundation for examinations of the stage as a venue for encounters between equal subjectivities; an arena for production of difference rather than identity, where participants and audience together can build imaginations of the infinite amount of potential existences, lives and destinies that isn´t our own.

The theatre stage, with its performative practice and social context, is becoming increasingly attractive to artists from other fields. When we tell a story, a collective context is created. The potential of this space – where a multitude of subjects share the same focus, but produce difference by continuous addition of perspectives and interpretations – is a quality we’d like to examine further. We think of the story as an interface rather than a fixed content, the membrane that both separates and connects the individuals reading/interpretating it. Storytelling as a collective act of translation, where the stage functions as medium for a third, translational language to appear.

Anders Mossling is an actor and a member of the company Verk Produksjoner. Anders Paulin is a director and dramaturg who since the 1990’s has worked internationally at theaters such as The Royal Theater, Deutsches Schauspielhaus and Theater Basel. Through their professions as actor and director, the two have met regularly over the last few years at various European stages. This time they put their titles aside to meet on the same stage.