Still Standing You

22.–23. september 2011

“In Still Standing You, the young dancers Pieter Ampe and Guilherme Garrido hurt each other so much, and so convincingly, that they must surely be friends” - De Standaard

After developing "Still Difficult Duet" in 2007, Guilherme Garrido and Pieter Ampe keep on following the ambiguous desire of choreographing a human relationship. Knowing that relationships are both indistinguishable mixtures of recognizable shapes and patterns and a lot of random free-fall feelings, these two boyish men – that can as well be friends, partners, lovers, contestants or even possible enemies - put their body at work to discover the different layers of physical complicity.

Pieter and Gui dance together. They draw images and shortcuts for familiar scenes that can drift from epic vertigo, “the good the bad an the ugly” symptoms to smoother genres of synchronized swimming and harmonic gymnastics.