12.–21. april 2013

In 2010 Verk Produksjoner put God on stage and asked him confusing questions. This time there is no God, only The Zone. This is the story about a journey into the zone.

With Andrej Tarkovsky’s film ”Stalker” as a base, the performance is an account of various views of the film; memories, misconceptions and the forgotten. It is revealed that everyone has their own motives to travel into the zone. In the film people travel into the zone to save themselves, and this is what Verk Produksjoner hope to do. To save themselves!

The myth of the zone, an enormous area, is that at some point it was visited by extraterrestrial beings. Scientists, opportunists and the curious have later been drawn to the zone, where weird things happen and our common laws of physics cease to exist. It is all set in motion simply by physically showing up. Our moods, our thoughts, our emotions can create changes in the zone.

It is said if one can reach the center of the zone, all one’s wishes will come true. The problem is one doesn’t don’t know which wishes. If it is one’s own consciensiously formulated wishes or the true unconscious wishes one does not yet realise. All that happens here depends on us, not the zone.

Verk produksjoner have had numerous performances at Black Box Theater over the last few years, among them the critically acclaimed ”Build Me A Mountain!” in fall 2010. ”Det Eviga Leendet” premiered at Black Box Theater November 2010 and won the 2011 Hedda Award for Performance of the Year. The company tour domestically and internationally, and is well received by both audience and critics.

  • Duration 1 minutter