Stalker - En historie om en film om en reise til et rom

3.–6. april 2014

Winner of The Norwegian Hedda Prize 2013: “Best performance of the year”. Nominated for “best scenography” and “best sound design” by the Norwegian Hedda Jury 2013.

Reviews of Stalker:
”…a travelogue in rememberance of times past”, “…an extraordinarily moving performance” , “a subtle and ingenious performance”. - Aftenposten
“… a pure joy to lose yourself into. Very few performing artists in this country have to the same degree developed a language that is so specifically grounded in theaters own artistic effects.” - Morgenbladet
“A wonderful experience” – NRK Kulturnytt

Together with the cultclassic film ”Stalker” by Andrej Tarkovsky and the novel “The Roadside Picknick” which the film is based upon, Verk Produksjoner wants to reconstruct bits and pieces of the film, re-act anecdotes from the novel and contemplate around what the Zone could be. The performance will be an account of numerous watchings of the film, rememberings, misrememberings, and forgettings. Everyone has their own motive to enter the Zone. In the film the people travel into the Zone to save themselves, and that is surely also Verks´s hope. To save themselves!

  • Duration 1 minutter