Ernestyna Orlowska & Daniel Klingen Borg

22.–23. mars 2023

Past showings

19:00, Lille scene

21:00, Lille scene

SHOULD I DO THE MAN’S PART is a dance duet with a tall woman and a short man. The visual artist Ernestyna Orlowska is 188 cm tall, the former circus artist Daniel Klingen Borg measures 165 cm. There are 23 cm difference between their apexes. With this small difference, the idea of ​​how we see the masculine in femininity and the feminine in masculinity is put to test. Who takes the male role in the classic duet? How much can the body control the narrative of the binary way of understanding gender? How much does this narrative control the body? And what choreography will result based on the physicality of the two performers?

In SHOULD I DO THE MAN’S PART the two performers are looking for a physical expression, freed from recurring conventions and apparently clear gender roles. On an empty stage, they step out of their comfort zones and try to free themselves and the audience from gender norms and stereotypes. With vulnerability and curiosity, they delve into movements and the uncategorizable difference between their two bodies. A funny dance duet without words, for a tall woman and a short man.

Ernestyna Orlowska is an award-winning performing artist based in Bern. Daniel Klingen Borg is an Oslo-based performing artist, filmmaker and retired circus performer. He has previously visited Black Box teater together with performance artist Ann Liv Young.

On March 22th, there is an aftertalk with Daniel Klingen Borg and Ernestyna Orlowska right after the performance. The conversation is led by Josephine Kylén-Collins.