23.–24. februar 2013

Welcome to Sherapy. I am a trained professional sherapist. I have been in the business for the last 17 years. I am deeply invested in bettering peoples lives as well as engaging in difficult discussions that people often do not want to face. I have helped burn victims, holocaust survivors, scuba divers involved in near death shark encounters, divorce depression, mourning after death, fire trauma, bankruptcy embarrassment among others.

I began this business with the knowledge that most people need a lot of help. It seems true that most people that think they don't need help are the ones that need the most help and unfortunately this involves me convincing them that they need help (me). It can be a daunting task but I do it. I've opened my truck, my office and my home to people that have come from all over the globe to have me help them. I have always given my truth and have aggressively helped each individual that has come to me. Some leave angry but that is their path and their journey. Some people need to experience the anger before they get to the bottom of the mountain. Some are not worth my help but I, as Sherry, help them anyway. Those people I may sell a potent elixir that contains a diarrhetic but I will never tell them that.

I have won many awards for my Therapy work. Among them are Christian Science and Women's Awareness Award in 1999, Therapy for all 2001, People are not animals 2000, Abuse in the HOOD 1998, Street Walking Therapy Award.

I take my job seriously.

If you want to face your fears and live a better life then come to SHERAPY.