Mette Edvardsen

1.–10. oktober 2015

Private collection, Time will show, Black, No Title, We to be, every now and then, Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine (re-writing)

Norwegian Brussels-based choreographer and performer Mette Edvardsen has developed her own artistic work since 2002 making performances and exploring other media, such as video and books. Characterized by an economy of means and a sense of detail, her pieces are thoughtful and witty stage events.

Press quotes

Private collection

“Private collection may well become a classic” Bergens Tidene

No Title

“… One of the real highlights of the festival.”

“…simple and deep at the same time, like a Shakespearian to be or not to be.”

Radio Nova

Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine

“The piece is a silent roar towards an era that is about to forget about the value of the accurate and demanding.” Morgenbladet.

“It is a curious experience; not the same as being read to, but similarly pleasurable.”

The Guardian

“Time as fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine” of Norwegian Mette Edvardsen is a project that provokes profound reflections on the essence of theater and the future of culture”


“A fascinating illustration of our difficulty to distinguish between the world and our perception of it.” Dagens Nyheter.

“The convergence of Edvardsen’s words and actions carried more weight than physical presence. This was not a world of absences; things were defined by their changeability, not their stasis.”…Exeunt magazine