Pluss Pluss
Radical hospitality curated by Hanan Benammar

8. mai 2018

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Jan Adriaans, Christian Blandhoel & Sergi Saldaña Massó, Hasan Daraghmeh, Maritea Dæhlin, Risto Holopainen, Eirik Fagerheim Kalsås, Linda Lazer, Laila Torres Mendieta, Vinny Montag & John Halls, Elina Waage Mikalsen & Gina Lindås Theodorsen, Nyamnyam (Ariadna Rodriguez & Iñaki Álvarez), Amin Zouiten & Aron Skoog, Mekdes Weldehanna Shebeta, Arnt Christian Teigen, Ida Holthe Lid & Anne Gerd Grimsby Haarr.

In a time when fences and walls are being erected at our borders, when hospitality is declared to be a crime and punishable by law in some European countries while millions are seeking refuge; a time when fear is the linguistic fuel and on which society is to be defined: artists, activists and cultural workers are standing at the crossfire of all the unanswered questions and challenges that we are collectively facing.

Radical hospitality is an experimental and performative platform for modes, methods and forms of social connection, belonging and being together.

«We only ever speak one language – and, since it returns to the other, it exists asymmetrically, always for the other, from the other, kept by the other. Coming from the other, remaining with the other, and returning to the other.» J. Derrida

Inspired by this quote, around 20 artists are gathered for a whole evening and will decorticate with us some of the many premises of hospitality, current politics, welcoming and unwelcoming gestures, and all the imaginable relationships between host and guest.
By using all the tools at their disposal – poetry, humour, criticality, research and observation among others – the artists are inviting you to navigate through a series of performances, installations and concerts.
The ones coming from outside Oslo especially for this event will be hosted at “radical hosts” or a network of temporary families that are part of our extended program.
Beyond a political statement, Radical hospitality aims to underline the importance of utopia, imagination; migratory and multiple identities.

Food will be served sporadically during the night.

Hanan Benammar & Black Box teater

Photo on top: I want to be traditional, video performance by Maritea Dæhlin, picture and light: Isaac Díaz Valderrama
Free entrance. No ticket reservation.