Open up! Fall 2020

Black Box teater's Topical Program

A warm welcome to Open up! – a wide range of talks, debates and workshops that run alongside our artistic program and offer different perspectives on the program. Through experiencing a variety of voices, we invite you to expand and deepen your understanding of what performing arts might be.

All the events have free entrance.

Opening week: A process of reassembly

29–30 August, Foyer
Open house

29 August, 17.00–18.00, Foyer
Asieh Amini in conversation with Lene Therese Teigen

29 August, 19.45, Foyer
Presentation of the fall season program / Lounge with DJ Soju Princess

30 August, 13.00–13.45 & 15.00–15.45, Foyer
Sunday yoga with Magnus Myhr

30 August, 13.45–15.00 & 15.45–16.30, Foyer
Tea corner & fresh (free!) pastries after the yoga sessions

30 August, 16.30, Foajé
Book launch of Black Box teater Publication 5


5 September, 13.00–16.00, Christian Krohgs gate 2
Månedlig lesegruppe m/Carrie: Reading group #1

5 September, 16.00–17.00, Foyer
Conversation: Ecological care
LATERNA and Margrethe Iren Pettersen in conversation with Liv Brissach

6 September, 11.30–12.30, Foyer
Workshop for children with LATERNA
For children 6–10+ with adults

Further on

22 September, Foyer
After talk with Verdensteatret, in collaboration with Ultima Context

10 October, 14.00–16.30, Foyer
Death café w/Thomas Bernhard Thiis-Evensen

21 October, 09.00–10.00, Foyer
Breakfast with Maritea Dæhlin and Hannah Wozene Kvam

22 October, Foyer
After talk with Magnus Myhr

25 October, 15.00–15.45, Foyer
Children’s weekend: Wig workshop for children (and adults)
With Victoria Duffee
For children 6+ with adults

25 October, 15.00–17.00
Children’s weekend: Masquerade and dance floor with DJ Heiki
For children 6+

30 October, 20.00–21.00, Foyer
Conversation: Plasticity
Rosalind Goldberg in conversation with Kaja Jenssen Rathe and Kjetil Hogstad

In November, Time TBA, Online
Launch of Kunsteventyr ("Art Tales")
Kunsteventyr is a brand new series of online workshops for children, made by Victoria Duffee

10 November, 09.00–10.00, Foyer
Breakfast with Maritea Dæhlin and Ibrahim Fazlic

More events are to be launched continuously! Check regularly and follow our Facebook page for updates and more information!