15.–16. mars 2014

«Monique» finds its inspiration in bondage, turning its practice into choreographic instructions.

A similar strategy has been applied to all the elements in «Monique»: all collaborators were searching for disrespectful ways of working with elements they adored. Different bodily techniques are thus subverted, happily mixed up within the endless horizon of well-known images of the moving body such as gymnastics, contemporary dance, modern dance, sex games and a range of movement therapies. «SM meets action art meets contact improvisation meets les ballets russes». «Monique» is a dance duet, starting as a set of quiet rituals and evolving into an homage to theater dance of the last century, whose emblematic costumes have been referenced by An Breugelmans’ creations. The aesthetic of «Monique» is found on the other side of the cliché, rather than stopping short of it, light, décor and music all shamelessly trample over ideas of good taste in a search for theatrical liberation.