Eirik Fauske m.fl.

9.–12. september 2021

Past showings

19:00, Lille scene

19:00, Lille scene

19:00, Lille scene

19:00, Lille scene

A theater piece where minor thoughts are given major space.

Måneskinsmanetane is Norwegian and means something in the direction of "Moonlight Jellies". The performance takes place before our eyes, but also elsewhere. Fragments of past, present and imagination merge into this subtle and suggestive notion, where the things that are actually happening are not visible, and where minor thoughts are given major space.

On stage, nothing is said. Yet, something is said. Words from the speakers fill the actors, other people's thoughts and voices, talking to us about loneliness and disconnection, about a longing for other stories.

Moonlight Jellies
do you still live there
where the mountains meet the sky
and the river flows wild?
and the bears and wolves and deers
are lurking in the forest?
didn’t you know?
many things have changed

many things have changed indeed

Eirik Fauske is a playwright and director. He has a master's degree from the Oslo Academy of the Arts from 2017 and also has an acting education from Nord University from 2002. He has written and directed several plays, including LINDÅS and LIVE – Sorgarbeid, both of which were presented at Black Box teater.

The performance contains intense blinking lights.