Mette Edvardsen
Livre d’images sans images

8.–10. juni 2023

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

Livre d'images sans images (Picture book without images) is the title of a book by HC Andersen. The book's subtitle is The Moon Narrator.

A young and poor painter tries to figure out his art in solitude. He is approached by the moon which shines light and tells about what it has seen on earth. The moon tells the painter that if he paints what the moon describes to him, he will be able to paint a beautiful picture book. Every night the moon visits the man and describes what it has seen. The moon shines its light like a projector into the great darkness, over fragments of life, and then it disappears. What is left unsaid is left to the reader to imagine.

In Livre d’images sans images Mette Edvardsen pursues the writing process that she has been developing over the last ten years. Considering choreography as writing, she has created a series of performances working with language as material and where voice is central. She thinks of dance as not being primarily a visual art form, but that other senses are engaged, like listening, feeling, imagining. This new work consists of a collection of texts that are performed in an informal setting with both spoken and recorded voice. The piece is composed with an unstable dramaturgy where things can exist next to each other without creating unity, a form of un-writing.

Edvardsen has presented her works at Black Box teater for a number of years including Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine and Penelope sleeps.

  • Extra credits The title "Livre d'images sans images" ("Picture book without pictures") is from a book by HC Andersen.