Kuratert av Helle Siljeholm

21. november 2017

Past showings

19:00, Foyer

++, established in 2011, means nothing less than Black Box teater plus plus:

an extension of the field of performing arts that the house already contains. ++ is a multidisciplinary platform, inviting both emerging and established artists, and a meeting point where audience and artists can be inspired by each other.

As of this Fall, the concept of ++ is evolving. Concentrated on one evening every season, ++ will be curated by a guest artist – a different one every season – who has carte blanche to shake the format and the contents, while respecting three simple rules: have an open call for projects and proposals so that everyone is invited to contribute / compose a program crossing visual arts and performing arts / invite emerging artists.

This edition of ++, curated by Helle Siljeholm, will be a performative think tank for one evening on the theme of speculations on existence in the future. ++ will gather artists of all disciplines, thinkers, inventors and others who will share ideas, activities or objects that can be articulated via any doing, showing, telling, dialoguing or other, as a group or individually.

Propositions, imaginations, speculations:

Marius Engan Johansen (MiioMara) (NO / SE): Sculptors´ Duel. Norwegian premiere. Durational. Foajé.
Anna Knappe (FI): Camp Europe. Video (6.45 min. Loop) 19.00- 20.00. Small stage.
Ane Graff (NO): The Fall. Collective reading. Premiere. 20.00- 20.15 and 23.00- 23.15. Main stage.
Tom Curitore with Ilene Reid (US): Tommy Baby 1. Performing the icon of an unknown musical. Premiere. 20.20- 20.35. Main stage.
Jan Moszumanski-Kotwica (PL): what does it mean to be an Active Speaker? Premiere. 20.40- 21.00. Main stage.
Tale Næss (NO): future-PRE-positions. Text + durational collective writing. Foajé.
Natalia Nikulenkova (RU): Union of The Convalescents. Text + Video (23 min). Norwegian premiere. Ongoing. Foajé.
Tashi Iwaoka (NL): 100.000 years of dreaming. Norwegian premiere. 21.00- 23.00. Small stage.
Ilse Ghekiere (BE / NO): Healing from patriarchy. Open Canon. Ongoing. Foajé.
P. Mercury (NO): Dekadansens død. Excerpt from the future play: Odysseen. Main stage.
Élisa Yvelin (BE): The Conference of The Lichens. Premiere. Ongoing interventions. Foajé.
Gry Tingskog with Maia Means (SE / NO): Cheating Discipline and Other Artistic Affairs. Norwegian premiere. Ongoing interventions. Corridor + more spaces.
Kirsty Kross (NO): On spirituality and potential Primavera in the age of post-capitalism. Premiere. Ongoing interventions. Basement.
Olive Bieringa with Otto Ramstad (NZ / US / NO): The action movie. Norwegian premiere. Ongoing interventions. Outside + more spaces.
Lykourgos Porfyris / Janne Maria Lysen (NO): O.C.D (Oppositional Contemporary Dancefloor) Launch. Main stage: 22. 30 + outside.

The event is free of charge and you don´t need to book a ticket in advance