Kunsten å bli tam

14.–23. oktober 2011

What is it about human beings who think we are essentially different from other animals? In a perspective of cultural history we have separated ourselves from animals since Adam and Eve left Paradise. From cradle to grave we are raised to adjust to culture’s norms and values that define us as insiders or outsiders, well adjusted or maladjusted.

Could it be that we will always yearn to be a part of nature, and that this yearning is reflected in our basic sense of loneliness?

On her way through the woods, Little Red Riding Hood is told to follow the straight path, and not be tempted to stray from it. She is driven into the wilderness and ends up being eaten.

"Kunsten å bli tam” (“The art of becoming tame”) investigates beauty and cruelty, looks at being lost, and fearing one’s self and nature, - at being inadequate and dropping out, - at Man’s need for taming and being tamed.

De Utvalgte have presented a number of successful productions at Black Box Teater, amongst these are “Bang Bang Club “ (2004), “Jimmy Young” (2007), “Skuggar” (2009) and “Drømmen” (2010. They have toured extensively in Norway and abroad, to great acclaim from both critics and audiences.

  • Duration 1 minutter