18.–19. mars 2014

«What is a significant choreographic experience? It is a vision that makes you feel as if there was a «before» and an «after», where something indefinable has been shifted inside of you. Gathering the choreographer and performer Marco Berrettini and the dancer Marie-Caroline Hominal, iFeel2 is undeniably of that same vein: a sheer object of existential warm-up. Or a philosophical quarrel in the form of a danced battle without truce nor end stop.» – Le Courrier

«But iFeel2 is above all a state of form and feeling. Marco Berrettini and Marie-Caroline Hominal are not dancing; they´re inhabiting the space, enlivening it, in the sense that they´re raising its flow; marrying its fiction - the one of an islet or a bubble; enjoying a shared languor, what we would also call an insightful sleepwalking. Those two exhaust and reload each other before your very eyes. They are conductors. This could be what is called the state of desire.»

– Le Temps

Marco Berrettinis interest in dancing began in 1978, when he won the German championship of Disco Dancing. Thereupon he decided to improve his technical skills. In the next following years, he took a multitude of classes and workshops in Jazz Dance, Modern Dance and classical ballet.