I Walk The Line Performances

8. september 2011

We are glad to invite you for the Opening of the Festival of Contemporary Music ULTIMA. Programme: Cédric Pigot, Next Life, LAO, accompanied by Peter John Warner. Thursday sept 8 th. Doors open 21.00. Free entrance.

Cédric Pigot

Cédric Pigot is a french artist who practises the live one. Since twenty years he works on his very own interpretation of ambient, flirting with noisy aesthetics, giving birth to incredible electronic sonic landscapes.
His work on itself shows a very thick and layered wall of sound in which tiny but detailed happenings and transitions occur. You could call his sound rythmical because of repetitive elements, coming from short pulses and loops, popping and ticking up in the well-filled mass of noises. You could also call his sound soundscapish, because of the long stretched soundlayers, glueing the pieces together and giving ease to the thing but also vorming ground for new developments. This contradiction which doesn't sound like one, brings sharpness and dynamic in an overall atmospheric sound.


Next Life

One of the most exciting music ensembles and shows to come out of Norway in recent years, the alternative metal band Next Life mediates the poles of violence and fantasy. Atom-smash heavy metal alternative rock with video game music culture in an airtight synthesis of audio and visuals. The strangely oscillating mixture reveals a primal, even organic heart in the darkness.


LAO, accompanied by Peter John Warner

Messy Messiah

The Lao project is flying on the positive wings of life cycles.It will take you on tour through the big mess of the Univers.A mess with a powerful harmonic order behind where everything has a reason to be. Lao is drawing and sculpting sound like crop circles.We will travel from the darkest part of the cosmos to the most enlightened spheres where Energy is action, compassion and strenght...From “cheap electronic samples” to heavy basses: For the Ultima Lao-pera project, didgeridoo will lead you on an eclectic musical path, tripping among the colours of Classical music, Dub, Rock, tribal influences in an unconventional electro style...Hopefully you will get lost in your own inner reality:Let the music invade your emotional landscape and find out that beyond your own limits, there are no limits....