by Proxy (NO)
Escape the Universe

29.–30. mars 2017

The artists of by Proxy invite the audience to a celebration of nothing less than the universe itself.

Escape the Universe is an artistic thought experiment, an attempt to escape the demands of terrestrial existence and create time and space for gazing at the stars, thinking new thoughts and dreaming of other ways to live. It is driven by the need for a poetic shelter, a space where science, imagination and fiction are free to mix. By inviting the audience to be guests at this celebration of cosmic dimensions, both artists and audience alike can share their visions for the future and perhaps uncover the values that mean the most, here and now.

by Proxy is a young collective of performers and scenographers who studied at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, Norway. Escape the Universe is their second stage production. by Proxy works with a holistic artistic approach and explores space, light, text, movement and sound simultaneously. Their first production, Stop Being Poor, was awarded the jury prize at Körber Studio Junge Regie in Hamburg in 2015, and later toured in Germany and the Nordic region.