Waiting for the Sun
En hel natt på Black Box teater /​ A night at Black Box teater

19. oktober 2018

Waiting for the Sun is back for its second edition of an all-night journey, a durational and cross-disciplinary event that focuses on peculiar listening and hearing experiences. It explores voices and sound landscapes, through a con- stellation of immersive works. Waiting for the sun will include different works by musicians, performing and visual artists.

19.00-20.00. Store scene:
Lasse Marhaug: The first eight + Death of the noise artist

20.30-21.15. Lille scene:
Mette Edvardsen, Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion, Francesca Fargion:
Music For Lectures – Every word was once an animal

21.30-07.00. Store scene:
Anne Juren: Fantasmical Anatomy
21.30-22.15: The Tongue, desire for language
22.15-23.30: Readings and talks
01.00-01.45 / 03.00-03.45: Anatomy far away version (radio)
06.00-06.45: The body, desire for symmetry

22.30-00.30. Foajé:
Northern Drone Works: Transmission VI

00.00-04.00. Foajé:
Samuel Brzeski: Miserable I hope you do too

02.00-03.00. Foajé:
Anders Paulin: Soon after, or just before

04.15.-05.45. Foajé:
Rouzbeh Rashidi: Phantom Islands

06.45. Foajé:
Sunrise Breakfast

Note: The timetables are given as and indication and may be subject to changes

While most of our season program is dedicated to the presentation of individual shows, we also wish to propose other formats with different agencies. Through 12 hours, Waiting for the Sun gathers artists working with various mediums in a common venue (Black Box teater as a whole), intended as a space for experiences, encounters, possible resonances and interferences. The night is composed of performances, shows, installation, sound installations, talks and films.

Waiting for the Sun is an invitation to a moment and a space where time is suspended, where aesthetic experience and theoretical contents are combined, where we are available to what we hear, where the withdrawal of prominent images generate another sense of awareness and sensitivity.
It is an invitation to embark on a journey with an incomplete map and find your own navigation, to open up the senses, feel the time dissolving softly and enter refracted landscapes. And maybe it will open up for specific states of attention, availability and perception. And maybe it will allow specific rooms of imagination and fiction, for producing images, for being with oneself together with others. Waiting for the Sun is a journey into the beauty of the unstable.

Detailed program will be available soon.