Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki (NO/​JP)
Distant Voices

12.–13. september 2015

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

”Distant voices” is a performance about space, focusing on the way it shapes the body and its experiences.

Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki are joined by several people, including André Eiermann, the creator of the concept of post-spectacular theatre. What happens when an architectural space exceeds its own boundaries from within? When a situation breaks out of its spatial restrictions and dissolves into specific meanings that spread to other frameworks? And how does this affect the physical and empirical relations between the audience members and performers?

”Distant voices” raises these questions based on the idea of the materialising space. A structure of movable objects plays a central role in the performance. It is full of blind spots. As a transformable sculpture it oscillates between being an installation, stage design and an architectural element. It continually shapes and re-shapes the space in which it is presented, segmenting it into accessible and inaccessible, visible and invisible areas. The imagination is invited to travel from a macro to a micro-perspective and back again, between the memory of what it thought it just saw, to the experience of what is actually happening and what it anticipates. The performance indeed challenges, if not confronts, the common notion of intersubjectivity and the desire for mutual understanding – through the encounter with an certain kind of “objecthood”.