BONUS EPISODE: Pluss Pluss curated by Kristian Grennes

Pluss Pluss, established in 2011, means nothing less than Black Box teater pluss pluss: an extension of the field of performing arts that the house already contains.

Pluss Pluss is a multidisciplinary platform, inviting both emerging and established artists, and a meeting point where audience and artists can be inspired by each other.

In spring 2020, Pluss Pluss in its scenic form is postponed to the fall – in the meantime, we mark the event by releasing a Pluss Pluss podcast!

Curator Kristian Grennes and artist Ann Charlotte Birkeland Berberg will address three main points in the open call text: Transitions / 2020 / Cyberpunk. This leads to a conversation down the rabbit hole about role-playing, Frankenstein, technology, death and life, among other topics. The podcast will be colored with sound art, samplings and a message from the Mother Machine.

Released 13 May 2020.