Blue Motell

24.–26. mai 2013

When Lisa Lie creates ”Blue Motel” in collaboration with invited artists on the platform PONR, Black Box’ large stage is transformed into a scene where life depends on everything, constantly. A scene where the abstract and irrational is taken seriously, and the energy in the frail relationship between audience and performers is strengthened.

”Blue Motel” is a cornerstone. In the same way one can imagine the four winds blowing from each side of a square and flat world, ”Blue Motel” has it’s function, and lies where ships fall over the edge and down into the gaping mouths. You can get to ”Blue Motel” from all corners of the world, from the most remote places where the web of reality is at its thinnest.”Blue Motel” attracts powerful dreamers from every imaginable world and dimention. Here, characters from cartoons and fairytales meet philosophers, serial killers and those who have committed suicide. Catatonic sleep meet another form of reality, seeping into the structure of our domestic world through fragile membranes.

Where do dreams come from? Where are you when you are dreaming?

You are there, so it can’t be any less real than when you are awake.

The ”Blue Motel” project investigates escape from reality as a positive strategy and collective movement. In short you are invited into a fantastical universe of an underlying current in our common everyday lives.

Lisa Lie is an author, artist and performance artist from Trondheim. She has acheived great success with the performance duo ”Sons of Liberty”. ”Sons of Liberty’s works were on the edge of both performance and text based theater, and can be described as ”...a vital abundancy horn of humour and horror, of prose and panic. They represent deep misanthropy and even deeper compassion.”.

  • Duration 2 minutter