Jenny Hval
Apocalypse, girl

4.–7. juni 2015

Past showings

21:00, Lille scene

21:00, Lille scene

21:00, Lille scene

21:00, Lille scene

“But I found no No Future” – Kingsize.

“Divine punishment of the unruly” – That Battle Is Over.

“Girl in Black” – Heaven.

“I want us all to cry together” – Why This?

«Think big, girl, like a king, think kingsize.» Jenny Hval’s new composition opens with a quote from the Danish poet Mette Moestrup, and continues towards the abyss. Apocalypse, Girl is music that can’t quite be performed, but a concert of impossible music unfolds, directed by the American video artist Zia Anger. They dream of a science fiction movie where gospel choir girls are punks and run the world with auto-erotic impulses. It’s a gentle hum from a doomsday cult, a soft desire for collective devotion, an ode to the pure, light gospel girl underground.

Jenny Hval has developed her own take on intimate sound since her debut album was released in 2006. Her work has gradually incorporated books, sound installation and collaborations with poets and visual artists. For Hval, language is central, always torn between the vulnerable, the explosive and total humiliation.

  • Extra credits Konserten 6 juni er en del av Only Connect Festival of Sound i samarbeid med nyMusikk